Puppy Concierge Service

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If our wait list is full, let us help you find your perfect puppy! We know what to look for in quality breeders and quality puppies, and we help take the hassle, confusion, and uncertainty out of finding the right Bernedoodle puppy for you.

It’s easy for someone to share a cute photo of a puppy, but not raise that puppy or his or her parents in an ethical manner that includes full health testing, a loving and caring environment, and socialization. They often charge top-shelf pricing for a puppy that didn’t come from top-shelf parents. I’ve seen it far too often on the Bernedoodle Facebook groups where a forever home is devastated to learn that their puppy has a genetic or crippling disease that could have easily been prevented with proper health testing. Moreover, scammers are getting more and more sophisticated in taking advantage of trusting individuals who just want a pup to love. It’s so sad! 😦

When looking for a puppy, it’s important to look beyond the words “health tested,” “genetic tested parents,” “AKC registered,” “sweet,” “cute,” and “socialized.” So much more goes into ethical breeding and thorough health testing than these common buzz words.

At Beloved Bernedoodles, we are a small, family breeder with high standards for temperament, conformation, and health testing (genetic, OFA, PennHip, CBC blood chem, protein creatinine ratio for kidney and liver function) for our breeding males and females. We raise our puppies with care and personal attention, Early Neurological Stimulation, early socialization, many Puppy Culture protocols, and temperament testing. We have never wanted to become a kennel or an operation that is producing tons of puppies each year.

Over the years, we have been privileged to forge relationships with a few other breeders in surrounding states who share our values and standards. We know what to look for in quality breeders and quality puppies. This includes:

  • proper and thorough health testing
  • temperament, conformation, and pedigree in sires and dams
  • doodle generation and temperament that is right for the individual or family’s lifestyle
  • coat type that is best for family’s desires and/or allergies
  • raising puppies with an early socialization curriculum such as Puppy Culture or Badass Breeder

When awesome puppies become available from quality breeders, we will put together all necessary information about that puppy and his or her parents, breeder info, and photos for you, and we’ll send out these opportunities via our wait list, email list, and social media.

Let us be your puppy concierge and help find your perfect puppy. There is no additional charge to you!

Please email us at belovedbernedoodles@gmail.com if you are interested.

See our currently available puppies here: https://belovedbernedoodles.com/puppies/

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