What is a bernedoodle?

A bernedoodle is a cross between a pure-bred Bernese Mountain Dog and a pure-bred Standard Poodle. When I first discovered the bernedoodle, I absolutely fell in love. I had always been captivated by the striking beauty of the Bernese Mountain Dog and of course loved our poodles’ goofy yet regal, intelligent, and athletic qualities. Put those two breeds together and get the best of both worlds? Yes please! I also loved that it was possible to maintain the gorgeous, tri-color markings of the Bernese Mountain Dog (who wouldn’t want a dog with eyebrows?)…all while creating a low-shedding, hypoallergenic coat. This was important to me because my middle daughter suffers from allergies to dogs with fur. Also, I’m not a fan of fur all over my clothes, floors, furniture, and car. Since they share genes with the Standard Poodle, bernedoodles have the potential to live longer than the Bernese Mountain Dog, which often has a shorter life span. Here is an excellent article on hybrid vigor in dogs from the Institute of Canine Biology.

Bernedoodles come in many different colors: solid, abstract, traditional tri-color, tri-color phantom, phantom, bi-color (black/white and brown/white), brown tri-color, merle, and parti. At this time, Beloved Bernedoodles specializes in traditional tricolor, tri-color phantom, phantom, bi-color, and parti. (Merle coming soon!)

Why choose Beloved Bernedoodles?

We are a small, family breeder located in Southern California, and our values are kindness, respect, and communication. We have been very selective about the dogs we breed. Our dogs have excellent conformation to breed standards, intelligence, temperament, and come from AKC, UKC, and fly ball champion bloodlines. Our dogs are health tested against all genetic diseases common to their breed. They are also clear of hip and elbow dysplasia through the OFA and PennHip. Unlike many breeders, we also do CBC blood chem panel and protein creatinine ratio to spot any potential kidney or liver issues. I don’t know of any other Bernedoodle breeder who goes the extra mile in this regard.

Our aim is to give your Beloved Bernedoodle lots of one-on-one attention, love, cuddles, early neurological stimulation, and challenges through many of the Puppy Culture protocols in his or her first eight weeks of life. Many breeders do not use Puppy Culture, but the purpose and awesome benefits of Puppy Culture are seven-fold:

  1. Communication
  2. Emotional stability to recover easily from fear in a socially acceptable manner
  3. Habituation – familiarity with the maximum number of everyday objects and sounds
  4. Enrichment – the view that novelty and challenges are opportunities for enrichment rather than things to be feared or avoided
  5. Health – physical wellness and motor skills that will allow the puppy to develop in a neurologically and physically sound way
  6. Skills – learned behavior that will allow him to function in human society.
  7. Love – the desire to seek out company of dogs and humans as emotionally positive experiences.

Our dogs and puppies are members of our family and are not raised outside, in a cage, or a barn. We live on a third an acre of land in a suburban Southern California neighborhood. Even if we had acres and acres of land, our dogs would be at our back door constantly because they simply want to be where we are. We give regular photo and video updates of the puppies to their future families, and we are always here to help!

GIVING BACK: Ten percent of all our proceeds go to wonderful non-profit organizations such as Compassion International, an amazing humanitarian aid ministry that helps children in need all over the world; the International Justice Mission, which fights human trafficking here in the US and abroad, rescuing and restoring victims of trafficking and oppression; and the Dream Center Los Angeles, which is a resource center that provides support to those affected by homelessness, hunger, and addiction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Beloved Bernedoodles are sold to pet homes only. They are not for breeding. We have a strict spay and neuter contract with all our families.

Are bernedoodles good family dogs and good with children?

Yes! Bernedoodles are excellent family dogs and are great with children. (As with any breed, they need consistent training as puppies to correct the potential nipping or jumping stage.) They absolutely adore their owners. They are emotionally intelligent and loving. Bernedoodles are loyal and want to be close to their “people.” Some are cuddlers and some are more independent — it really just depends on the dog, his or her parents, and upbringing. Some can start out independent in the first year or two, and become more cuddly as they age. They can be playful or want to lounge around all day. But generally speaking, bernedoodles are smart, affectionate, and wonderful family dogs.

How big do Beloved Bernedoodles get and do you breed minis?

Our full-grown Beloved Bernedoodles grow to be between 55 and 75 pounds depending on which parents your puppy comes from. We also breed mini/mediums with an expected weight of 35-40 lbs. We do not breed micro minis (under 30 lbs.) at this time.

How do I reserve a puppy?

You can begin the process of reserving your very own Beloved Bernedoodle puppy by filling out our Puppy Questionnaire. You are welcome to contact us at belovedbernedoodles@gmail.com, but we first get to know all prospective puppy homes by going over completed Puppy Questionnaires. Next, we may schedule a phone interview to talk with you. 🙂

If we both feel like it is a good fit — and you are certain that we are the breeder for you — we ask that you send in your $500 puppy reservation fee. This fee is deducted from the total price of your puppy and is non-refundable — however it is transferrable to a future litter if you have to back out of your commitment to your reserved puppy for any reason.

After the puppies are born, at around 5 1/2 weeks old, we will schedule a FaceTime call with you to see the puppies in action, discuss personalities, and come up with your top three choices. We will take these choices into consideration as we match up the right puppy with the right person, couple, or family based on not only appearance, but also personality and temperament. We do our very best to ensure that everyone will get a puppy from their top three list.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Beloved Bernedoodles are sold to pet homes only. They are not for breeding. We have a strict spay and neuter contract with all our families.

What is your pricing and policies?

Our pricing is comparable to every other reputable, ethical bernedoodle breeder in the U.S. whose breeding dogs have been chosen from an excellent AKC pedigree; DNA tested and clear of all genetic diseases, including the improper coat (IC) gene; have been passed by the OFA and/or PennHip; and are using Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Socialization protocols. Our pricing information is as follows:

  • Our puppies have had their first round of deworming, vaccinations, and a complete vet health examination.
  • We require a $500.00 non-refundable puppy reservation fee from all families and individuals who are serious about a puppy from our upcoming litter. Please note, the reservation fee is non-refundable; however, it is transferrable to a future litter should you change your mind about the puppy for which you were in line.
  • Puppies will be reserved in the order in which we received your deposit. After the puppies are born, at around 6 1/2 weeks old, we will schedule a FaceTime call with you to see the puppies in action, discuss personalities, and come up with your top three choices. We will take these choices into consideration as we match up the right puppy with the right person, couple, or family based on not only appearance, but also personality and temperament. We do our very best to ensure that everyone will get a puppy from their top three list.
  • All puppies come with a two-year written health guarantee and are sold to PET HOMES ONLY on a strict spay/neuter contract. We require proof of spay and neuter via email or text (photo of vet bill) by the time the puppy is 13 months old. Our puppy contract, which will be emailed to you, must be signed by both parties before you pick up your puppy or in person at the time of pick up.
  • Our puppies pricing is as follows:
    • $3000 for solid colors.
    • $3300 for abstract (mostly a solid color with just a little white on the chest, feet, tail, or head).
    • $3900 for bi-color (parti or tuxedo).
    • $4500 for traditional tri color, phantom, and merle.
  • Puppies must be picked up when they are 8 weeks old. We prefer not to ship, but will consider making those arrangements (travel fees will be incurred by puppy buyer) if absolutely necessary.
  • Beloved Bernedoodles reserves the right to select pick-of-the-litter with any of our litters.

What will my puppy come with?

All Beloved Bernedoodles will be vet checked and go to their forever homes with:

  • First round of vaccinations
  • Vaccination and deworming record
  • A small blanket with mom’s scent
  • A puppy packet with helpful info
  • A small toy
  • A small bag of puppy food (if not already using Purina Pro Plan Puppy) so you can transition to the food of your choice
  • A two-year health guarantee.

Can I come visit the puppies?

The bio-security of our home, as well as the physical safety of our puppies, dogs, and human children are of utmost importance to us. While I wish we didn’t have to worry about viruses (or even theft and harassment) we have to be wise, so we have put security measures in place. For these reasons, I’m sorry to say that we don’t allow visitors into our home. Before COVID-19, there was already a concern for breeders of people inadvertently bringing in Parvovirus, which is often deadly to puppies and incredibly difficult to eradicate. Now with COVID-19, we have to be extra careful. Puppies won’t have their first round of vaccinations until about 7 1/2 weeks old. Additionally, it can become very taxing on a family to have visitors coming and going for each litter. However, I do lots of updates via text message, social media, FaceTime, or Zoom if need be. That way, forever families waiting for their Beloved Bernedoodle will stay apprised of the puppies’ progress.

Oftentimes, people look for or feel an emotional attachment to the puppy that will come crawl into their lap during an in-person visit. But the truth is, the puppy that does this actually can be the more timid one and is looking for protection or refuge from all the commotion and action caused by his or her siblings and visitors. Or he or she is the outgoing, assertive one that needs an owner with experience and training.

We do temperament testing around 6.5 weeks old to do our best to assess and match the right puppy with the right individual or family, and we share those findings with the forever homes on the list for that particular litter prior to puppy selection day.

Honestly, I have never selected any of my dogs by visiting in person. By working with reputable breeders who take excellent care of their pups and do socialization—and by garnering their advice on personality and temperament of the pup’s parents and the pup—I have been so blessed to get outstanding males and females. And since we do Puppy Culture, all of our puppies will have the social and neurological advantage over a puppy that was not raised with Puppy Culture (see “Early Neurological Stimulation & Puppy Development,” Tufts’ Canine and Feline Breeding and Genetics Conference, 2005 by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia).

Do you ship puppies?

In certain situations, we might consider it, but we really prefer not to. Beloved Bernedoodles is located in Southern California, a quick and easy drive from Los Angeles, the Central Coast, and San Francisco, and a quick flight from our surrounding states and many parts of the U.S. While it is our desire that future forever families pick up their puppies, if absolutely necessary, we can arrange for a Flight Nanny at an added cost to deliver your puppy anywhere in the United States. In our opinion, a Flight Nanny is a much better option than shipping a puppy because your puppy will get to accompany his or her Flight Nanny on the airplane, in an airline approved-carrier under the Flight Nanny’s seat, rather than in the cargo area of the airplane. Oftentimes, the cost for a Flight Nanny (which is around $400 to $500 depending on the area) is comparable to the cost of shipping a puppy — and so much better for their health and well being! Contact us for more information.

What is the difference between a bernedoodle and a labradoodle or goldendoodle?

I see this question often, and it’s a good one. This is my personal opinion, and it really boils down to personal preference with regard to appearance, coat, and personality. A standard poodle breeder I respect once said, “Look at the parents. If the parents are crazy, chances are their offspring will be crazy, too.” So, whether it’s a bernedoodle, labradoodle, or goldendoodle puppy, it matters who their parents are — their temperament, personality, and pedigree…as well as genetic testing to help reduce the chances your pup will inherit a genetic disease.

As a general rule, Bernese Mountain Dogs are intelligent, loyal, calm, and all-around terrific family dogs. Standard Poodles are typically athletic, agile, extremely smart, elegant yet goofy, and also great family dogs. We definitely have found this to be the case with our dogs and their parents.

We frequently hear that bernedoodles are very similar to goldendoodles with regard to their loving, happy-go-lucky personality. Some people say the main difference is that bernedoodles can have a stubborn side, while other bernedoodle owners say that haven’t seen that quality at all and that their bernedoodle is the best dog they’ve ever owned. And even if one gets a “stubborn” bernedoodle, this is not a problem for an experienced dog owner who is consistent with training. Compared to other doodles, many bernedoodle owners report that, in their experience, bernedoodles are calmer than goldendoodles, labradoodles, or aussiedoodles, but of course this is not always the case.

A beautiful variety of color can often be achieved with a bernedoodle, including the highly-sought-after tri-color coat. Additionally, I have found that the bernedoodle coat can be thicker and softer than a goldendoodle. To me, a labradoodle coat can often be stringy or wirey — unless it is an Australian Labradoodle, which has other breeds mixed into the pedigree, giving it a very soft coat.

What is “Furnished” vs. “Unfurnished” and what is the IC (Improper Coat) gene?

Have you ever seen a bernedoodle, labradoodle, or goldendoodle that more closely resembles their non-poodle side with a shorter coat and lacking the “furnishings” or longer hair on the muzzle, eyebrows, and beard? If so, it’s very likely that puppy’s or dog’s poodle or doodle parent had the IC, or improper coat, gene. If the breeder prepared the person for this, great! It’s a cute look that many people like (although it is not hypoallergenic or low-shedding). But I often see on Facebook groups bernedoodle owners expressing surprise and disappointment that their puppy doesn’t have that classic, fluffy “doodle” look.

The IC gene would come from the poodle side, and produces the flatter, straighter coat that lacks the classic doodle “furnishings” around the muzzle, beard, eyebrows, legs, and feet. Because of this, a doodle with this gene will likely shed a lot more.

The good news is that there is a simple genetic test for the IC gene. In my opinion, all breeders should test their poodles for this, but not all do. In fact, I have seen several bernedoodle sites that claim that all F1 (first generation cross of poodle + Bernese Mountain Dog) will always be furnished. This is simply not true. Not to get too heavily into coat genetics, but while most poodles carry the F/F gene for furnishings, a few can carry the IC gene, and pass that down to 50% of their offspring, making 50% of their puppies look more like a Bernese Mountain Dog and less like a Doodle. The claim that all F1 puppies will be furnished ignores the reality of the IC gene, and unfortunately passes along this misinformation to others…

All of our poodles parents at Beloved Bernedoodles have been tested for the IC gene, and are negative, meaning they do not carry the IC gene and therefore will always produce the classic “doodle” look in their offspring.

Can you explain the different generations of doodles? What does F1 mean versus F1b, F2, etc.?

First generation (F1) bernedoodles usually have a soft, wavy coat that is still very low shedding and hypoallergenic. But this does not mean ALL F1’s will be this way if the breeder hasn’t tested coat genetics (wavy, straight, curly, shedding or non-shedding, IC gene). Many breeders believe that the most hypoallergenic option is the F1b doodle. Puppies from this pairing are usually much curlier, but not always. For example, our Ruby and Charlie make beautiful, wavy-coated F1b puppies; however, they also have had a few curly-haired puppies too. Multi-generational Bernedoodles also can have a nice, consistent wavy to straighter coat.

Here is a quick explanation of Bernedoodle generations:

Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle = F1 Bernedoodle

F1 Bernedoodle + Poodle = F1b Bernedoodle

F1b Bernedoodle + Poodle = F1bb Bernedoodle

F1 Bernedoodle + F1 Bernedoodle = F2 Bernedoodle

F1 Bernedoodle + F1b Bernedoodle = F2b Bernedoodle

F1b or later + F1b or later = Multigenerational Bernedoodle

Are bernedoodles hypoallergenic?

The short answer to this question is yes, bernedoodles are hypoallergenic. It is important to remember that hypoallergenic means “relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.” Think of “hypo” as “low,” and not necessarily “no.”

The more honest and complicated answer is that every dog is different and every person is different. Some people are allergic to dog fur and dander, and because bernedoodles have hair (not fur), they can be a great option for people with allergies. However, many people are allergic to the protein in a dog’s saliva and urine, or to environmental allergens (i.e. dust or pollen) that can cling to any dog’s hair or fur when they go outside and come back in the house, so it wouldn’t matter if the dog had a hypoallergenic coat unfortunately.

Do bernedoodles shed?

Like humans, bernedoodles have hair that grows and needs to be brushed and trimmed regularly. Because they don’t have fur, they don’t shed in the way that dogs with fur do. When your bernedoodle brushes past you or sits on your furniture or in your car, you won’t end up with fur clinging to everything. However, because their hair does fall out occasionally, like yours and mine when we brush it or after a shower, you may find little tufts (some people call them “fluffs” or “tumbleweeds”) of their hair mixed with dust in the corners of your home that you can pick up with your hands, sweep up, or vacuum. Easy peasy.

The exception to this rule is if the bernedoodle has an Improper Coat, or IC, which is explained above. Doodles with the IC gene, or unfurnished coat, do shed quite a bit. You don’t have to worry about this with a Beloved Bernedoodle because none of our poodles have the IC gene.

Some bernedoodle owners report that their puppies had a brief shedding period when they “shed” their puppy coat for their adult coat. But others report not experiencing this shedding period at all.

How often do you have litters?

Because we are a small breeder, we only have two to three litters per year at this time. This enables us to give our dogs and puppies personal attention, not by hired staff and employees, but by us. This is how we get to know not only our dogs, but also their puppies on an individual basis, to help match their personalities best with the lifestyle of their forever home family.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Beloved Bernedoodles are sold to pet homes only. They are not for breeding. We have a strict spay and neuter contract with all our families.

How will I know about upcoming litters?

You can contact us at belovedbernedoodles@gmail.com, follow us on Instagram or Facebook (@belovedbernedoodles), or sign up to be added to our email list at the bottom of our home page. We would love to stay in touch with and keep you apprised of pregnancy and puppy news! Please note: The first step in our puppy reservation process for serious inquiries is to fill out our Puppy Application.

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