“We’ve known Angie since 2008. Our families are good friends. She first approached us to be guardian family for Gatsby and we sadly had to say no. At that time, we were dealing with our sick dog Sasha and we wanted to focus on her. After some time passed,  she reached out to us again, and the rest is history with our Charlie. She was here when Charlie first came home, and we keep in touch on a regular basis. Angie is a great mama to her dogs, and she is just amazing at how well she takes care of them.  We are blessed for having a small part of Beloved Bernedoodle because we know the quality of care these dogs are getting from Angie.”

– The Fiske Family

“Being able to see and hear Angie in her social media videos was all we needed to get a sense of her dedication and passion for breeding Bernedoodles. Once we found her, we looked no further. She is truly a Dog’s Angel, patient with my million questions, and the best listener to what we wanted and needed. We love our Sundance. She prepped him well for us. He sat and knew his name, which was amazing!! Thank you, Angie!!!”

– Steven and Erica Tran

“We have had Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and a Goldendoodle in the past. Our experience with Angie and Beloved Bernedoodles has been amazing. She works with puppies from birth to 8 weeks, making sure everyone gets the correct puppy training and nutritional needs. Her family loves dogs, and after we brought Coco home we still communicate with Angie weekly with updates on Coco’s progress. Thanks Angie and your wonderful family for our own Beloved Bernedoodle.”

– Toby and Gina

“Angie’s da BOSS!!! This is the core reason why I’m ALL IN with Beloved Bernedoodles!! One word – INTEGRITY!! It shows up in everything Angie does. In how she checks the DNA of all her dogs; in how she communicates with her clients; in how she cares for her dogs, in how she uses Puppy Culture with her pups from day one; in how she provides valuable information on her website for free; in how she doesn’t skimp in paying what it takes to do all she can to ensure healthy gorgeous puppies; in how she creates a loving home environment for her breeding dogs (not a kennel); in how she selects those who will get a puppy, I could go on and on…. With every interaction I am more and more impressed and she keeps reaffirming my decision to be ALL IN with only Beloved Bernedoodles. I might have been able to get a puppy quicker elsewhere….but it’s more important to me to get a great, healthy and happy puppy. Thank you Angie. You truly have no idea the depth of the gift you’ve given.”

– Tamee R.

THANK YOU!! You are the only website out there that acknowledges a poodle dad can have the IC Gene. Every other site explains that F1 Bernedoodles will be fully furnished because poodle dads are FF fully furnished. I almost bought a puppy that didn’t look furnished, and the poodle wasn’t tested. Everywhere I read said an F1 had to be furnished. Maybe the puppy will be fully furnished down the road, but I don’t know. Anyway, thank you for doing all you do for your puppy owners!!!

– Debbie F.

Five years ago, I adopted Sarabi, who I became extremely allergic to within a week. She’s such a great dog, but became my sister’s pup! Well, after two years of searching poodles, goldendoodles, labradoodles, and everything in between, we came across Beloved Bernedoodles earlier this year (2020, right around Covid). Angie introduced us to one of her adult pup owners, and as we continued to learn more about bernedoodles, the size, their personality, and the fact that they are mostly non-shedding were perfect for us. We are so blessed to have met Angie. She has been extremely responsive (to ALL my questions), knowledgeable, and thorough (with genetic and health testing). My 6 and 4 year old adore Kiara our bernedoodle already!  As a 11 week old pup, she is potty trained, crate trained, and follows commands thanks to K9 Answers + Angie’s thoroughness when it comes to parenting and proper breeding. Welcome to our home little pup!

– Jenny R.

From my first interaction with Angie, I knew we’d made the right choice to go through Beloved Bernedoodles.  She is so kind, incredibly professional, and a wonderful resource of knowledge for a new bernedoodle owner!  She truly puts her whole heart into these puppies, and it shows.  We adore our little Mackenzie and it is obvious to us that she got a wonderful start with Angie and her sweet family.  Thank you!!!  

– Beth M.

Hopefully, after looking at all these other testimonials, it’s clear to you that Angie and her bernedoodles are amazing. Angie has been so informative, inclusive, responsive, kind, and giving since I chose to go on this puppy journey with her, and I couldn’t be happier with my new pup. This is someone who understands dogs, continually does research to know them more, and invests so much time in teaching them before they go home to their, as Angie puts it, “furever homes.” I just got my pup, but she’s already adapted to living with me and my 3-year old labradoodle and has already become such a joy in my life. Angie’s use of Puppy Culture not only sets her pups off for success, but has also made me a better dog owner, bringing to light some real truths about raising dogs that can be obscured by all the thoughts and opinions online. I’m so glad I found Beloved Bernedoodles. It was truly the best decision.

– Jonathan B.

So in love with our bernedoodle… From day one, Angie was so reassuring in all the steps she takes to ensure a healthy breeding protocol. We really felt part of the process and no doubt always prioritizing the health of the beloved doggies. She ensures her puppies have the best start in life and we are thrilled to have found her. Hopefully will add a sibling in a few years!!!!

– Maren K.

Sanders and Hazel are the best of friends. Sanders has already signed up for his therapy dog training and will soon be joining Hazel at Children’s Hospital LA. Thanks so much for adding to our family!

– Peter C.

We love Wally!!! Thank you so much!!! You are so good at what you do. I hope other families will get to experience what we have. Love. Tears come to my eyes as I say that. My family and I are so grateful for you and how you connected us with Wally.

– Nikki C.

Angie was an absolute delight to work with.   Getting a puppy is both exciting and stressful!  Angie was extremely communicative and quickly answered all questions with detail and expertise.  Angie also spends a ton of time training each litter, so it was great to get a puppy that already knew how to sit. 🙂  And he was also potty trained to go in a puppy litter box.  I feel so fortunate that I found Beloved Bernedoodles. We are completely in love with our Archie Bear!!  

– Melissa A.

Chunk is the sweetest dog and is so smart. Sitting on command from day one. He’s absolutely the best and quite literally perfect. He loves the park, other dogs, and people. Thank you for everything. Seriously the best dog ever. Hands down my best friend.

Anthony C.

Thank you for breeding the very best pup EVER. He is amazing in every way!!! I can’t tell you how much we love this guy. I credit his sweet disposition to the love he got from you the first eight weeks of his life. ❤️

Judy B.
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